Streamlining Post-Contract Adjustments for Seamless Projects

March 11, 2024

Professionals in the construction industry who excel in delivering exceptional homes for satisfied clients often possess key characteristics that set them apart. Among these traits are a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to clear and effective communication with homeowners. Successful builders understand the significance of documenting every aspect of the project, as it not only delineates what is expected but also fosters mutual understanding between all parties involved.

Crafting comprehensive construction documents requires substantial effort, yet the benefits are manifold. These documents, which encompass the contract, plans, specifications, and change orders, serve as vital tools in setting expectations and facilitating a smoother and more enjoyable construction process.

While professional builders endeavor to minimize changes by assisting clients in product selection prior to commencement and drafting detailed specifications for approval, unforeseen circumstances can still necessitate adjustments. Factors such as building code interpretations by inspectors, unexpected soil conditions, or evolving homeowner preferences can prompt modifications to the initial plan.

Effective management of these changes is crucial, underscoring the importance of robust change order documentation procedures.

Clarity Is Key

The significance of detail in change orders cannot be overstated. Ambiguous change orders often lead to misunderstandings and discontent among homeowners, who may feel blindsided by additional costs for work they were not aware of or did not anticipate.

In fairness, most contractors do not intentionally mislead homeowners; rather, they may lack the necessary management and communication skills. For instance, if homeowners request a different bathroom tile after the project has commenced, failure to accurately assess and communicate the associated costs upfront can result in dissatisfaction.

In contrast, well-managed companies approach change orders methodically. They meticulously evaluate the cost implications and schedule adjustments, presenting the information to homeowners using standardized change order forms for approval before proceeding with any changes.

Additionally, professional builders often include administrative fees to cover the time and resources expended on researching products, adjusting schedules, and coordinating with subcontractors. If a change is later reversed after these efforts have been made, homeowners may still be responsible for the associated administrative costs.

While misunderstandings regarding product specifications can arise, particularly in complex projects, these are usually minor and easily resolved through open communication and mutual trust between homeowners and builders. Hiring a reputable professional with effective communication systems in place is essential in fostering such trust and ensuring a successful project outcome.

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Arnett Custom Homes has been building award-winning custom homes and luxury remodels in Charleston SC since 2008. Schedule a consultation with our exceptional team and learn more about our simple 3-step process today.



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