​​Luxury Home Design Trends: Comfort & Ease Of Living Are Key

January 20, 2022

Our Experts Weigh In On The Top Interior Design Trends Of The Year

Our design experts offer insight into the emerging indoor design trends for 2022.
While ‘luxury home’ is not a specifically defined term, all luxury homes share a few characteristics such as prime location, premium interior finishes, high-end kitchen appliances, customized closets and cabinets, hotel or spa-like amenities, and much more.


Tips & Trends

Modern Luxury Interior Design: Kitchen & Bathroom Trends

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? Our design team gave us their professional opinion on what styles, colors, product features, materials, and technology will be popular in kitchen and bath designs for the next few years. According to our experts, people are wanting their homes to be more than just a place to live.


The Kitchen

The kitchen is nearly always the focal point of design trends, and 2022 is no different. The new standard is “panel-ready” refrigerators, which, with a system of brackets and screws, are designed to be customized to match the kitchen cabinetry, effectively camouflaging the fridge from view.

Not only are refrigerators becoming cabinets, though; cabinets are becoming refrigerators. This year “refrigerator drawers” are enjoying immense popularity: small, built-in cabinets, often located in kitchen islands, pull out to reveal additional refrigerated spaces to store extra drinks, wine, fresh produce, etc.


Multipurpose Kitchen/Dining/Living Areas

Separate kitchens and living rooms are not popular today; rather, designers are combining rooms, creating kitchen-living-dining rooms on the principle of a loft.

The pandemic and resulting isolation have proven that, in this case, attention should be paid to functionality and ergonomics, with well-organized kitchens to accommodate more at-home cooking, well-thought-out work areas to meet the work-from-home need, and a comfortable table for the whole family, all tied together in the combined kitchen-living-dining room for more shared space and more family time.


The Home Office

Because technology has made the large, corporate office unnecessary in many ways, home offices are now considered a “must-have.”

For those fortunate enough to work from home over the past year, a home office or work-from-home zone has become essential. From converting a bedroom closet to a tiny office space to transitioning a living room into a work-from-home zone, many people have been creative in adapting their existing space to the new work demands. And any style can be incorporated into the new work spaces, regardless of their size.

In light of today’s new normal— that is, spending more of our time at home— the best interior designed spaces have a focus on comfort. This also includes updating areas of the home to update key items such as color, lighting, and accessories.


The Bathroom

Last year we talked about smart toilets, but this year the whole bathroom is getting a high-tech upgrade. From seat warmers and automatic lid openers to built-in deodorizers and adjustable air dryers, the toilet is enjoying a major high-tech upgrade.

Other bathroom updates on the rise include smart showers (which can be remotely started or programmed), automatic sinks, and even the incorporation of mini fridges into the bathroom design. Built-in bluetooth speaker systems in the bathroom are on the rise, along with smart mirrors, voice-activated lighting and heating, and TV installments.

Luxury indoor design in 2022 means comfort, clever incorporation of tech, camouflage and cubbies in the kitchen, and combined life and work spaces, all increasing the luxury and enjoyableness of the home. 

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Arnett Custom Homes has been building award-winning custom homes and luxury remodels in Charleston SC since 2008. Schedule a consultation with our exceptional team and learn more about our simple 3-step process today.



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